Spirit of Clarksville Podcast 6/4/13 – “Perfect Peace” Guest, Dr. Ted Denney



This was the final Tuesday edition of the Spirit of Clarksville.

I’ve had a great time hosting and co-hosting The Spirit of Clarksville – WJZM 1400am since 2009. However, its time for me to transition into a different season. Thursday June 6th will be the final Spirit of Clarksville Show. Thanks to Chuck Boyd for letting me stand on his shoulders and never expecting me to fill his shoes. Without John Bastin, I am certain that WJZM would implode! Such a joy to work with him everyday.Thanks to current owners David Loos, Mike Parchman, and Greg Walker for investing in the ministry. Also, thanks to Hank Bonecutter for giving me the chance to run the show in the first place. Finally, thanks to Tim Catchim, Kevin Riner, Susanna Powers, Betsy Abrams,  Ted Denney, Mike Burnette, Donnie Bowen, John Renken,  Chris Edmondson, Kenny and Vickie  York, and all the co-hosts who helped us spread the truth that Jesus saves. My time on the show might be coming to an end, but the message never stops. Glad I got to be a small part of it all. – Carlo Serrano

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