Sundays in January



Current Series 9am and 10:45amAre you stuck?  Stuck in a bad relationship, tough situation, bad job… no job?  Can’t move forward?  Can’t move back?  Why do we often stand with our foot poised for the next step, and then fail to move closer to God’s plan for us? What are the obstacles that keep us glued down and unable to move out of our past and present failures? What keeps us from stepping into a future and into a life that moves along with God? Join us every Sunday in January as we talk about the biblical discipline of fasting and discover God’s proven method for getting us “Unstuck”.

Jan 6th – No Short Cuts (Isaiah 58)

Jan 13th – Break Free (Matthew 17)

Jan 20th  – Maximized Living (Daniel 1)

Jan 27th – The Source and The Shield (Esther 4)

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