GraceLife Blog 134-Go Low To Get High

Jesus said that he is our friend, and what better way to express our friendship with God than to enjoy our best times with him?  Even when we are out with other people, it is good to include God in on the action.  We can pray to him as we speak with our friends.  We can tell him about what we are talking about.  And when we do that, we can ask him to share with us what he has to say about it.  By doing that, we are basically asking him to get involved, and when God gets involved in our activities, everything becomes . . . meaningful.

But after we ask him to join in, we shouldn’t be forceful about pushing God to those that we feel God should be pushed to.  It’s funny, because as soon as many of us ask God to get involved, the first thing we do is take control of the situation by our own thoughts and feelings, completely butting God out.

When we team up with the Lord in a way that is completely natural to us and to him, we will be working as one with him, supernaturally.  And to do that, we don’t have to be aware of it at all, because God will be in control.  And that will keep us from getting in his way by answering questions that nobody asked.  I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve prayed for the Lord to speak to me about something and then, later in the week, in conversation with a friend, the Lord tells me the answer through my friend without him or her having any idea of what just happened.

When waiting for something to change in our life—a big change—don’t get frustrated with God.  I know that’s easier said then done, but have faith.  Our lives may not be where we would like them to be, but we are not dead yet.  Talk to God about it.  We can tell him our feelings and we can ask him to forgive us.  If we are feeling bad, chances are that we have separated ourselves from God.  Get back to him.  Believe in him and his sovereignty once again, because with Jesus holding us, we will feel satisfied.  Sometimes, we need to let go of ourselves so that we can find ourselves, and by finding ourselves I mean so that we can feel good to be alive again.  This world isn’t worth a dime if we can’t enjoy it.

It is good to talk to God like he is a friend on a mutual level—like we are truly one with him, living in the same spirit—but sometimes we need to go low to get high.  Sometimes, we need to lower ourselves and ask the Lord to forgive us because we have had a bad attitude, because we have been angry with where we are in life, because we haven’t decided to let him be the Leader in our life and now we are lost.  And when we are able to relax and tell God that he is still God, that he is the Almighty, the Master, the Leader of our lives, God will absolutely show up and take hold of us and give us that much needed relief we were looking for.  But don’t let go.  Take what he has and stay in it by continuing to believe that the Lord has us where we are for a reason and believe that he will take us to a better place if we keep our faith in him.

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