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There is wealth on this earth that will never die.  It will never lose value.  It can never run out.  And it will never decay with the rest of the world.  In fact, this treasure is so valuable that Jesus told us to make it grow as often as we can.  He told us that we need to purchase it before we purchase things like computers, phones, and shoes.

Now, if any of us had the opportunity to purchase a wealth such as that, wouldn’t we automatically do it if we could?  Wouldn’t we jump on the opportunity like a dog after a bone?  Let me tell you the answer.  No, we wouldn’t.  Why is that?  Why wouldn’t we want a type of wealth that doesn’t decrease?  Money decreases.  All of us would like enough money to where we wouldn’t ever have to think about making another penny again.  So what’s with this perfect wealth that we all could have but only a select few have decided to purchase it for themselves?  What’s with that?  And, what is it?

Here’s what it is: The wealth is ourselves.  We have the opportunity to turn ourselves into something that satisfies like a deep, cold glass of water on a hot day.  We have the opportunity to invest in ourselves in a way that will make us more valuable than anything money can buy.  If we could find eternal value in ourselves, then what else would we need?  If we found that we could spend time in our own minds and enjoy our free thoughts more than a movie, more than a lobster tail, more than a sporting event, then when would there be a time that we would become dissatisfied, bored, or craved?

However, if we get our happiness from our car, and then that car is smashed, what will we do for our satisfaction then?  If the only times that we are happy are the times that we are with our friends, what happens when our friends leave the state to live their own lives?  If we put our happiness in our cell phones, our computers, our televisions, then what happens when a thief comes in and steals them from us?

But what if we decide that we would rather invest in a wealth that can’t be stolen, that can’t move away, that can’t be crashed, that has the power to maintain satisfaction even when bad things are happening all around us.  How do we do that?  Do we sit down and learn how to be the best citizens possible?  Do we develop morals unlike anybody else so that we are always doing the “right thing?”  Again, the answer is no.

Jesus said that we need this “wealth” that will never depreciate in value, but he didn’t say that it is ourselves.  No, I said that.  And here’s why I said that: Jesus said invest in the treasures of heaven, because the treasure of heaven is the wealth that will not and can not depreciate.  But tell me this: where is heaven?  Is it on this earth?  Yes, yes it is.  As Jesus has promised, the Spirit of God is living in the hearts, minds, and bodies of those who love him.  So, heaven is inside of us.  And as we invest in learning about God, spending time with God, and doing what God wants us to do, we will be investing in ourselves.  And as Jesus said, as our connection with God grows, so will our level of satisfaction on this earth.  No longer will we need what we don’t have to make us happy.  We will only need what God has given us—what is here today, such as our hearts, our minds, and our bodies—to remain completely content.

So why doesn’t anybody want that?  I have ideas, but the best idea is to ask yourselves.  What is it that is so appealing about earthly treasure that makes investing in your own minds, bodies, and spirits not worth the price?  What is it about cars, toys, and clothes that makes us hold ourselves back from learning, living, and increasing the treasure that does not run dry, that does not dissatisfy, that does not disappoint—the treasure that is in us, the treasure that can give us eternal joy, the treasure of spiritual communion with Jesus Christ?

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