GraceLife Blog 130-Starstruck

It’s easy for us to get caught up in ourselves.  We say a prayer for somebody, and that prayer is answered.  Then we puff out our chests and say, “God respects my prayers.  If it wasn’t for me and my good prayers, that guy would still be a miserable old fool.”

That type of attitude toward prayer isn’t going to get us far.  The truth is that we had nothing to do with the result of the prayer.  It wasn’t because we live a good life that God answered it.  It wasn’t because we chose to be holy for a day, and that’s why God listened to us.  The reason why that prayer was answered is because God chose to use us to say it.  And he could have chosen anyone of us.  He could have chosen the murderer sitting in jail if he wanted to.

So, we need to keep our heads out of the clouds when we see that God is using us to do big things.  The only part we played in the whole thing was the role of obedience.  In other words, we decided to stick with Jesus, and we repented of our sins.

The same thing can happen to us when we view our pastors or leaders in the church.  We can see them standing up on stage giving a message and we can begin to believe that it is their power and their authority that God is using to answer prayers.  But it isn’t.  All of us have a seat near Jesus Christ.  The fact that God answers a preacher’s prayer has nothing to do with him being a preacher, but has everything to do with Jesus.

It doesn’t take a pastor to move mountains.  It takes Jesus Christ.  We need to not get caught up in our pastor’s image.  Sure, he or she looks pretty cool up there on stage, and he sounded pretty powerful.  But the power isn’t because of him.  It is because of God using him to give His message.  So don’t be starstruck by the man or woman at the pulpit.  Be awed by God.

However, we can give our pastor’s kudos for being obedient.  Thank you to all our pastors for hanging close to Jesus!

Keep in mind that not all pastors are preaching from the heart of God.  Some of them are preaching from their own hearts, which may sound like a message from God but really it is just a bunch of smoke.

““I never sent these prophets, but they ran anyway.  I never spoke to them, but they preached away.  If they’d have bothered to sit down and meet with me, they’d have preached my Message to my people.  They’d have gotten them back on the right track, gotten them out of their evil ruts”” (Jeremiah 23:21-22, The Message Bible).

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