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Faith should fertilize all areas of our lives.  Many of us believe that faith is best used when trouble comes: we need to have faith that the Lord will work things out for us.  And that’s good.  That kind of faith helps us sleep at night, but, on the other hand, faith is more than a bandage for our wounds.

Faith can be just as useful during the most joyful minutes of our lives.  In fact, I believe there is no more purer faith than the kind that comes with the sounds of cheer.  I say that because most of us forget about God when there is nothing wrong with our lives.

For some, God can be a heavy weight.  We think about God and we start looking at all the things in our lives that we believe we should be doing for him.  Guess what, we can have faith that what we are doing for God is enough.  Don’t write that off as an excuse.  Xtreme’s music pastor has been on a kick about people who say they want to do things for Jesus but never do.  Listen to him.  Don’t be a mouth with no actions behind it.

But, for those of us who have a heart for Jesus, for those of us who give to those who we know will never give back, for those of us who do things for people just because the Lord likes it, have faith that we have God’s favor.  And use that faith to spend more time with him during everyday life, such as the times we are most happy.

When we are able to be at peace with God, when we are able to talk to him as if he were our best friend, our lives will open up as if they were sent from heaven.  Worry will no longer rule over our households.  Instead of nitpicking at every single detail about our children, instead of worrying about their futures at every meal, weighing them down with our own burdens, we will be able to let up a little bit and know that God is their God too.

When we are able to be at peace with the Lord during our most joyful hours, anger will no longer rule over our lives.  Stuff will break, and although fixing it may not be something that we enjoy doing, we can at least know that it will get fixed by the grace of the good Lord.

How is it possible to not worry or not get angry when something goes wrong?  Well, if we spend the day praying to the Lord as if he were our best friend—talking to him as we go about our chores, asking him what he thinks about the way we look today, telling him about the fun things that happened yesterday, agreeing with him in ways that are Holy as the events of the afternoon unfold, consulting him about how to get that stupid DVD player to work—then when something goes wrong, God won’t seem like he’s so far away.

If we only call on God when we are in trouble, then we will begin to see the Lord as something that is part of our “bad times.”  But if we spend all day long with God, then when something goes wrong, it will be like nothing has changed.  Our faith will remain constant.  That overwhelming feeling of abandonment won’t hit us, because our body, minds, and spirits will have already been whole with Jesus, walking and talking with him—as the old saying goes.

It says in John 7 that the spirit of God—or the Holy Spirit—is living water.  In Matthew 17 our faith is compared to a seed.  So, if Jesus is the water and our faith is the seed, that means we need to water it everyday in order for it to grow.  If we water our faith with the Holy Spirit—if we are talking to the Lord all day long, seeing the morning news through the eyes of Jesus, thinking about scripture occasionally, singing songs of praise while we work, asking the Lord what the best decision is between even the most basic choices of our lives, such as tacos or burgers for lunch, talking to him as if he were as much as a participant in our lives as we are—then our faith will be fully watered.  It will be a healthy seed springing into life, growing toward the light, reaping vines laden with good things for others to take, and able to remain strong when trouble comes to cut us down.

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