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9am and 10:45am

“The book of Romans is probably the most theologically important book written in the New Testament. Romans gives us more detail about how God saves us than any other book. In this book we learn: What sin is. That all of us have sinned. What justification is (Because of Jesus’ death, God sees us as righteous while we still struggle with sin). How God reconciles us to Himself through Jesus’ death. Who we are in Jesus Christ. And more!” Pastor Chris Edmondson

Join us Sundays in August as we walk through a few chapters of what some scholars call “The Gospel of Paul”. Each week we’ll juxtapose the rock album that changed everything with Paul’s life changing letter to the Church in Rome. Don’t miss it.

August 5th – “Come As You Are: The Good News and Bad News” Romans 1

August 12th – “Lithium: Stupid Self Righteousness” Romans 2:1-16

August 19th – “On A Plain: I Know It’s Wrong, So What Shall I Do?”  Romans 2:17-3:31

August 26th – “Smells Like: Here We Are Now” Romans 6

September 2nd – “Something In The Way” Romans 12

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