GraceLife Blog 122-The Pull Back

The best way to combat an addiction is to say no to it.  Getting ourselves to want to say no to our addictions is a little bit harder.  It’s a little bit more complicated than just saying no.

Many of us would like to free ourselves from what keeps us unhappy.  At first, we just wish the Lord would take the desire from us so that we could quit.  And it is possible that he does do that for us, but then what happens?  We coast along until one day we decide that we just want one more taste of what had us locked in a prison before the Lord let us out.  We say, “I’m going to have a drink today, just because I want to.”  Or, “I’m going to think about that person who really gets me aroused today, just because I can.  I won’t fall into the trap again.  I’m free.”

Why do we say those types of things when the Lord was kind enough to free us from the addiction?  Number one, we say them because we forget about what it is like to live in chains.  We forget about the power of sin.  We forget that when sin has us, we are helpless to free ourselves from craving it.  In fact, with many addictions, the only relief or freedom we get from the intense craving that lingers in our minds is by giving in to it.  At least that way, after we give in, do it, and get it over with, we won’t feel such an agonizing obsession gnawing at our blood.  We won’t be stirring around our homes biting our nails any longer, and then we can try resist it the next time.

The only problem with that solution is that it just ads to the problem.  The more we give in to our addiction, the harder the desire will hit us the next time.

So here’s the pull back.  If the Lord frees us from that insane desire to feed our addictions, whether they be drug, lust, emotional, or food related, we need to immediately create a reminder for ourselves.  We need to put it in our heads that being addicted is more than we can handle.  It sucks.  It controls us, it hurts us, it consumes our lives and it not only effects our own lives, but effects those around us.  So create the reminder.  Remember what it was like to be a slave to our own bodies.  That way, when we are sitting around enjoying the day and we think Gosh, I could go for . . . (whatever our addiction happens to be), we can pull up that reminder that we prepared for ourselves.  We can pull it out and say, “Hey, it sucks to be locked in an addiction, and I can’t get out no matter how bad I want to.  Don’t do it!  Stop right now.  Think about something else.”

The more we can do that, the easier it will be to snuff out the desire in the future.


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