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Think about communication.  When we talk to people, don’t we often have an agenda?  Sometimes we feel the need to show people respect, so we talk accordingly.  Sometimes we feel the need to show people our gratitude or thankfulness, so we talk accordingly.  Sometimes we feel the need to show people our disappointment, so we talk accordingly.  When it comes to using words, what words we choose to use and how we say them can mean a lot.  That’s the beauty of communication.  It’s a gift, really.  So use that gift in prayer.  Be free, be genuine, and be honest in prayer.

When is the best time to pray?  Guess what, nobody can answer that question, because life moves forward.  The best time to pray is when we feel led to pray, and that could be anywhere, anytime.

But maybe we haven’t felt led to pray in a long time.  Well, get with the program!  God needs us to pray for many things.  If we see a car driving down the road that looks like it’s about to split apart at the fenders any minute, pray for the person whose driving the car.  Say a three second prayer that goes something like this: Lord, you’re going to have to help that guy before his tires go rolling down the road without the car.

Pray in church.  Pray while we sing in worship.  It’s good to pray over those who are there in service.  Ask the Lord to move their hearts the way he wishes.  Ask that the Lord to bless his followers, to sing through the worship band, to speak through the pastor.  When our friends come up to us and tell us something that they wish would happen or need to happen, don’t just stand there with your hands in your pockets.  As they speak, say a prayer for them.  Or say it immediately after they walk away.

Knowledge helps our prayer life, and when our prayer life is helped, our lives and the lives around us start getting healed.  So, go ahead and read the Bible, and as we read it, pray.  Pray about what we read.  Pray that the Lord leads us to a passage that will give us the answers to our questions.

But don’t get frustrated because we don’t understand why the Lord isn’t answering our prayers.  Chances are that he is or that he is trying to answer our prayer but we keep getting in the way.  The Lord is subtle, he is quiet, and he is patient.  So, when we want to hear from him, we need to be the same.  When we want to know what the Lord has to say about us, we should remember that good listeners don’t have an agenda.  Good communicators have an agenda, but when it comes to listening, we need to be completely open to hear what is said without letting our own thoughts get in the way.

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