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Christ is looking for a wide variety of job applicants.  He has an open position in heaven for qualified candidates to receive grace, forgiveness, and a better life.  The job requirements are as follows.  The applicant must be alive.  He or she can have rings in their noses, dreads in their hair, and tattoos on their faces, or they can be as clean cut as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

He or she is allowed to listen to their favorite music, watch their favorite movies, and eat their favorite food.  It’s okay if the job applicant hangs out in a garage for most of the day, smokes cigarettes at the bar, or likes to blow things up.  It’s okay if the applicant would rather sit on the back porch with nothing but the sound of songbirds and the view of a vegetable garden.

Poets, retail workers, and delivery drivers are welcome to apply.  Technicians, lawyers, and doctors are cool with Jesus.  Metal heads, Pop lovers, and Classical pianists are cool, too.  Soldiers who have a collection of guns too large to store in their own houses are excellent candidates for the job.  Women whose tub of shoes is too big to fit through the door are encouraged to apply.  Basically, whoever you are and whatever you do, you’re qualified.  This is a non-discriminatory position.

Most importantly, sinners are welcome!  Nobody has done something so terrible that they too cannot be loved by our creator.  Nobody!

Jesus Christ is accepting applications for this prestigious position in heaven with him via email, snail mail, and prayer.  Your cover letter should include a desire to know Christ, for he is the God of all, the God of mercy, the God of healing.  He is not trying to lock you up and punish you.  He is trying to help you.  Through Christ we can do all things.

To learn more about this position of being able to do all things, come to church.  At church, there will be people who are ready and willing to help you learn about the one God who loves you.  And, please, remember that what you look like or how many illegal items, broken relationships, or books on Buddhism you own isn’t enough to keep you from opening the door.  Christ came to save anybody who feels that they need a God who cares about them.

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2 thoughts on “GraceLife Blog 108-Christ Is Hiring

  • Colby

    Let me start off by saying that I am a Christian metalhead through and through. Although I do many things that go against the Word of God, I still know who He is and who I am. The biggest problem that I have is finding other Believers that are in my age bracket (25-35) and are local to Clarksville. There has to be other people like me in this town and I pray to find them.