GraceLife Blog 103-Get An A+ On God’s Test

One thing that kills faith is when we test God.  In the Bible, God asks us to test him in one area—and one area alone—and that’s with our tithes and offerings (see Malachi 3:6-18).  But that’s it.

The reason we are not suppose to test God in any other area is that we are not God.  If we are giving the tests, that means we are putting ourselves in charge over God, and that’s not something we should do.  Here’s an example of a test that we might give God: We need money, but we don’t know how to get it.  So what we do is say to Jesus, “Jesus, I’m not going to move until you have the phone ring with a job offer.  I’ll give you fifteen minutes.  If you are real, then that’s what you will do.  If it doesn’t ring by then, then I will stop believing in you.”

Guess what, God isn’t going to make the phone ring.  Instead, he’s going to let us ride out the fifteen minutes, be miserable after the time is up, and then grill us for testing him.  After he grills us, then we will have to begin building up our faith all over again.

All in all, testing God sets us back a few days, or maybe even a few years depending upon the severity of the test.

The healthy way to communicate with God is to “…not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6).  Pray about everything, and do it with an attitude of thankfulness.  Why should we be thankful?  Because we have a God who wants us to communicate with him, who wants us to ask him for help, and who loves us, but have faith.  God will move when he feels it’s best to move.  In the mean time, don’t be anxious.

God can and will test us.  One of his tests asks only one question.  Do we love him?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  Do we truly love our spouses, or did we buy them something because we would have looked bad if we didn’t?  Do we empty the dishwasher for our spouses the minimal amount—only hoping to keep them from getting exceedingly mad at us—or do we do it so they don’t have to?  In other words, are we kind to people so that we will get something from them—using them up as if they were a rag—or are we kind to them because we want to show them that we love them?

God wants to know if we love him or if we only want him around so that we can get something from him.  It’s okay to want something.  God is there to give to us, but it can’t be a one sided relationship.  God expects us to serve him as well.  He doesn’t want a bunch of greedy children hanging around.  What credit would that be to him?  Not only that, but, as it would anybody, that would drive him up the wall.

So, to get an A+ on God’s test, be prepared to serve him.  Be prepared to do the things that he wants us to do—such as feed the hungry instead of blaming God for a problem that humans caused—and above all, put God first.  If God asks us to give something up, give it up.  If we feel that we are mistreated by God, show him that we love him anyway.  Love is more than a word.  It has to be shown through actions that come from a place of kindness.  Be kind to God.  He loves us more than we can grade.

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