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Isn’t it okay for us to slip in the mud of life every once in a while?  Well, Jesus is full of mercy and forgiveness, and when we stay close to him, all of that is fully visible in our lives.  But life can charge at us like a bull.  It can make us forget about all that Jesus has done for us, and when we get to that point, we need to look out before we get run over.

In Luke 12:35-48, Jesus talks about keeping a lookout for God.  He says that we need to always be ready to serve with the light of Jesus burning in our hearts as if we were expecting to see God at any moment, because God will come around and check on us.  When he does, he will see the condition of our hearts, and what he sees will determine what he does with us.

It’s not fun when we have a bad day, get angry, curse at everything around us, and then the Lord shows up in the middle of our cursing and does something that will make us really want to curse.  I think we’ve all heard our parents say this before: If you don’t stop crying, I will give you something to cry about.  Guess what?  God can say the same thing to us, because sometimes we don’t act our spiritual age.  We need to learn somehow.  We need to mature in Christ.  We know what Christ would do, but we are still doing things our way.  We need to take life in the way that God said that we should take it, like a grain of salt—like how a bull fighter sidesteps a charging bull.

We know that our hearts are close to Jesus when people say all kinds of insulting, rude or belittling things to us, but instead of wanting to hurt the guy, we brush it off—not out of arrogance, but out of peace.  With Christ, we don’t have to repay evil for evil.  We have to repay evil with good, and then the Lord will do the rest of the teaching from there.

Always having a heart like Jesus carries oodles of benefits.  The first is that life is full of peace, love and joy—confidence—and those things are brought on simply because we allow them to live in our lives.  The second goes even further.  What if God shows up to check on the condition of hearts, and all he can see is the life of Jesus living there?  You know what happens?  Great things!

If our hearts are good, if they are ready to do the will of the Father and carry out his commandments—if they are not weighed down by hatred, revenge, grudges and all of those other harmful things that keep us from showing people the love of Jesus—God will serve us.  The Great I Am, the Almighty, the Alpha and Omega will lay us down and put up our feet and ask what he can do for us.

When God serves us, our lives immediately get better.  Those injuries that haven’t wanted to heal will begin to heal.  That clunk in our car will hold out until we are able to repair it.  We will look in the mirror and see that our appearance has gotten brighter.  Suddenly, our pains will turn into miracles.  Or, we could hold on to the power of those ugly little grudges and let the bull collect us in its horns.

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