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Every time I think about what I give myself to I think about the book of Ecclesiastes. The author of Ecclesiastes is a man who has all of his desires come true. He becomes one of the richest men in Jerusalem. He goes on a mission to find true happiness through wisdom, laughter and partying. But he comes to the conclusion that nothing on this earth is worth anything, because he’s eventually going to die. He says that he came from the dust, like an animal, and will return to the dust. And all of that great stuff he worked for all of his life is just going to be given to someone else when he’s gone.

And that’s the story of this world. Our goals are short lived. We live as good as we can to make the time spent here better, and then we die. Really, it all sounds pointless, but maybe not for some of us. Maybe simply living and dieing is good enough as long as we build a legacy, do good deeds and raise our children the best we can. But what about our children? They are going to perpetuate the same actions. They are going to work and die and all of their work is going to go to someone else. And that is everybody’s fate on this earth. Or is it?

Maybe this earth isn’t as clear cut as it seems. Maybe it isn’t a place to accomplish as much stuff as we can so that we can live happily, but, rather, it’s a place where we can get to know God. Take a look at this theory: This world is a place that God has given us to learn about him. It’s a place that he has given us so that we can develop a relationship with him, and he designed this life so that we have multiple chances to finally choose him.

Why is it important to live with God rather than for ourselves? Let’s ask ourselves this: Do we let people into our homes who rob from us? Do we let people into our homes who like to destroy our things? Do we stay friends with people who hurt us? Well, neither does God. When Satan decided to fight God, God threw him into a dwelling where he and his goodness did not exist. He didn’t give the fallen angels a second chance, but here, on this earth, he gives us hundreds of chances to choose him, to choose to believe that he does exist, to choose to believe that he does love us enough to make salvation an easy ticket to grab. He allowed his Son, Jesus Christ, to choose to die for our sins so that we may find salvation through him, so that we may live with God in heaven after we die.

We don’t understand how different we are from the Lord. Every day we do something that God would never do. We have done thousands of things in our lifetime that God would never do. Our personalities, our character traits and our actions are continually conflicting with what the Lord likes–are continually robbing him of his riches–and yet he loves us enough to make forgiveness as easy as a prayer. For God to forgive us and want to be near us again, all we have to do is say Lord, I’m sorry, I know I was wrong, please forgive me for… in Jesus Christ’s name. And that’s it. It’s as easy as that. When we tell God that we know we do things he would never do and that we are thankful for the blood of Jesus Christ, he will forgive us.

Furthermore, when we choose to live for God rather than ourselves, we can believe that what we do with our lives will go further than this earth.  Instead of leaving behind our old stuff for the next generation to use up, we, instead, will lead others into an eternal home with Jesus.


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