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Lust isn’t as simple as some might like to think because God doesn’t see lust as we see it.  We see lust as something that has to do with our sexual desires, and when we get married, the rule of lust no longer applies to us as long as we stay faithful to our spouses.

To begin, I think that we should look at lust as something that is widespread and dangerous.  Not many of us have the right to judge another person based on their lustful decree.  In Romans 2, Paul writes that if we judge another person for doing something wrong that we ourselves are doing, then we are only storing up wrath against ourselves by the hands of God.

In terms of sexual lust, how many of us have never slipped up or never will slip up again?  How many of us can say that we are free from ever again looking or thinking lustfully about another human being who isn’t our spouse?  Yes, day dreaming about sex and wanting it until our bodies believe that we are having it is wrong.

I’m not saying that slipping up in that nature is okay because we all do it.  I’m saying that we shouldn’t reject someone who is currently slipping up.  It isn’t wrong to desire intimacy.  God gave it to us as a blessing, but, again, we can misuse the blessing easily.  And again, all of us have and will lose to the battle of lust at some point in our lives, so we need to keep our mouths shut and our hearts open when someone who is lost in the war comes to us for help.

The most important aspect of living a life for Christ is the persistence in giving up our sins.  Time after time, we need to choose God’s way over sin’s way.

Lust goes further than intimate desire.  It is something that lives in our hearts.  As I wrote in the last blog titled “Love,” it isn’t wrong to really like something, but if we put our desire before the Lord, if we let it bloom into something that consumes our lives, pressing others back and pushing God out, then the Lord will see it as lust.

God wants to see that we are trying for him, and, really, that’s not much to ask.  We may not be the best at walking a perfectly straight path and we may never get there, but we can be the best at trying to do what it right as much as possible.  If we can do that, then the blood of Jesus Christ will always be there for us to turn to.  How could the blood of Christ be taken from us?  It can be taken from us by our own hands.  We can choose to live for ourselves rather than to live for God.  If we continually make selfish choices, the love of Christ that lives in our hearts will get pushed back so far that, one day, it will be possible for us to deny Christ as God.

Here is a goal for the next few weeks.  Take a few minutes each day to examine desires.  Let’s ask ourselves if there is anything that we would want more than Jesus Christ.  Do we want money, intimacy or people more than God?  Do we want authority, pride and egotism?  Do we want anger, revenge or success in our ministries?  Do we want rules, burdens and safe existence more than we want what God wants?  Take a hard look, and don’t be timid when we find something that we know isn’t of the Lord.  Instead of trying to hide it, tell the Lord that we see our wrongs, we accept them as being wrong and that we are glad to give them to him, in the name of our savior, Jesus Christ.

When we make the choice to live for Christ and to put our lusts behind us, we can be sure that no matter how many times we fall, no matter how many times our lust overpowers our minds and takes us for a ride, that Christ will still come and be with us to help us continue toward a better life, a life of freedom.  It may take a lifetime to defeat the enemy once and for all, but with Christ, one day we will finally be free because Christ already has defeated it and he holds the self help book.  With Christ, our lust will not consume our lives and pound on us until it pulverizes us into nothing.  With Christ, we win.  Let’s put the hope of our future, the hope of a world without evil and the hope of life over death in the Son of God.

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