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Most of us say that we would enjoy an adventure brought to us by God, but the thing about an adventure, God given or not, is that it is either dangerous, stressful or painstaking.  More often than not, during an adventure, most of us wouldn’t be thrilled–we wouldn’t sniff the air and praise God for another life threatening day–we would, however, dwell on how dangerous it is or how it’s so bad that we have no idea what to do next or how close we are to losing everything we have.

Think about an action movie.  We know the hero is going to win in the end.  Some people will not win, but the hero is going to make it and it’s going to be glorious.  Now let’s put ourselves in the hero’s shoes and take a look around.  No cameras, no directors, only real life.  Are we going to make it?  It sure doesn’t look like it, and that makes us feel a whole explosion of different emotions.

The cool thing about having a heart that the Lord has changed by the blood of Jesus Christ and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is that we, if we have our heads on straight and our spirits taking refuge in the Lord everyday, will be able to live that adventure like it was a made for Hollywood movie.  It may take us years to develop the kind of faith that enables us to be cool as cucumbers during the action, but it will happen.

How do we know when the Lord calls us to any sort of mission or adventure for him at all, no matter how big or how small?  And if he does call us, then how do we know if what we are doing–what we are working toward–in the middle of the adventure is what he wants?

Well, here’s a reassuring example from the Bible.  The Lord calls a young fellow, Saul, away from his home to become the first king of Israel.  The Lord gets Saul to get up and meet the prophet Samuel indirectly.  He doesn’t come down from heaven and say to Saul “Get up and meet my boy Samuel.”  He doesn’t speak to Saul directly because Saul would probably have heard God speak, said “Alright God here I go” and then two minutes later after the clouds cleared, would have said something like “Come on, I must be crazy.  That wasn’t God speaking to me.  Gosh, I’m losing it.”  Which is good, in a way, because humans hear a lot of voices in their heads that are not of God.

To get Saul up and out of his home, God gets some of Saul’s donkeys to escape from his pasture so that Saul has to go out and search for them.  After searching three days for his donkeys without success, Saul decides that he needs help.  To get help, he approaches the Lord’s prophet Samuel, and Samuel has been waiting for him to show up the whole time.

How was it possible for Samuel to know that God was sending him a man to anoint as king?  It was possible because Samuel was at the experience level of being able to recognize God’s voice out of the million he had once heard in his lifetime.

Once they meet each other, this is what Samuel explains to Saul about his new adventure of becoming the first king of Israel. “The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you in power, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.  Once these signs are fulfilled, do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you” (1 Samuel 10:6-7).

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