GraceLife Blog 79-The Innocent Things Of This Earth

God doesn’t live by the same rules as earth.  He isn’t living in time, and he isn’t restrained by the laws of physics.  He lives by an entirely different set of principles.  When we pass away from this life and enter into God’s life, we will easily understand him and how he lives.  We will understand him just as easily as we understand the physical rules of this earth, which were also put in place by God.

Paul writes that we were once enemies of God before we knew Christ because we were living in darkness, and by darkness he means that we were living without God’s forgiveness, mercy and grace, therefore encapsulated by many selfish pleasures and evil desires–pleasures and desires that will die with the earth and not enter true life.  But since we have been saved by the grace of God’s Son, we have been pulled out of darkness and are now hidden in the life of Christ.

Because our lives rest assure with Jesus Christ, we must make sure to set our minds on the principles of Christ as we walk this earth adhering to the laws of physics.  If we do not set our minds on the ways of Christ, we will be walking in continual conflict with ourselves and with the Lord.  If, however, we choose to live fully by the ways of the kingdom of heaven, we will inherit the full benefits of joyful living, peace and unity.

It is true that there is good in the confines of this world.  God created us in his image, and he put his good nature in the wilderness and the cities.  Therefore, benefiting from abundant resources is part of the Lord’s kingdom, but what the Lord sees as abundant and what we see as abundant may differ.  We see a garage stockpiled with cars and tools as abundant, or we see a kitchen stuffed with extra food as abundant.  In fact, having a large amount of stockpile can be pleasurable, and can open up many opportunities for us to go out and find more pleasure.  God, however, doesn’t need stockpiles to make life abundant–or pleasurable for that matter– because he can provide necessity or pleasure for us whenever and where ever we need it.

However, if God is going to fill up our stockpiles, he will first ask us to train our minds and our spirits to want him more.  He expects us to want him more than the stockpile so that when we do gain wealth, we will use it on worthy causes rather than burn it all up on excessive pleasure (James 4:3).

Here’s some good news.  Jesus wants us to experience the pleasures of this world–he initially created the earth without thorns and thistles to cause us problems–because there is nothing wrong with finding pleasure in the innocent things of this earth, everyday.  However, pleasure can and will lead his children astray, back into darkness, back into desiring wealth more than the Holy Spirit if they are not equipped thoroughly with the self control that comes from knowing, living, and understanding God’s way.

We need to continually think about the ways of Christ and set our minds on his goodness, on his purpose, on his principles, such as love, good deeds and salvation–such as tithes and offerings to churches who feed the poor, heal the sick and lead the lost to Jesus.  That way we will be just like him, of his blood, of his spirit, desiring the same kindness and gentleness, desiring the same mercy, the same justice and the same generosity as the Sacrificial Lamb, the True King, Jesus Christ, fully prepared to stay in his life while this one passes.

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