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Stories are life.  Fantastic ideas, theories and lessons are taught through stories, and some can only be taught through stories alone.  Different worlds are presented in stories.  It’s strange to think that we can create fictional worlds that are different than what we live in everyday.  It’s strange to think that the world we live in is the one the Lord said was good.  What if the air was water and the water was air?  That would be an interesting world.

People go to work everyday and see the same things over and over.  Nothing interesting happens.  Nothing new is learned.  There is routine, and there are no surprises.  It’s the same stuff everyday.  But then one day God enters the picture, and he knows things that we can’t imagine.  He shakes up our world, but he doesn’t do it by changing what’s around us.  He does it by creating his world in our lives.  He does it by changing us.  How?  He speaks his life into us with words.  “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.  We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).

Humans have the power to put God into people’s lives.  We can speak his Word and make it flesh just like he spoke and created us.  We can speak his Word and make God real for someone else.  When we accept God’s Word, God lives in us.  His word becomes one with our flesh, and we live out his story on this earth.

It’s important to tell people what is written in the Bible.  It’s important to tell people what the preacher said on Sunday, but it’s equally important to be a living journal so others can see God’s Word writing the chapters of our lives.  As we live out our lives with God, God lives out his life with us.  His life becomes our lives.  His story becomes our story.  So let’s keep track of the events that take place.  Let’s decide what is from Jesus Christ and what is the result of something we did.

A well written story is one that starts at the beginning and every chapter from that point on builds up to a climax.  Every chapter is important in building the message of the entire story.  What’s your message?  Where did your story stop and God’s start?  How has God’s Word living in you changed your life forever?

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