GraceLife Blog 72-The Little Things

Either life gets edgy or we get edgy.  This idea comes to mind: If you find that you’re not running into the devil, then you’re probably running with him.  Life is confusing for one reason.  God has an opposition, and as God speaks life into us, the enemy speaks death.  And what the enemy speaks is often rather convincing.  In fact, it may sound better than what the Lord speaks.  So stay strong.  Look to the Lord’s word everyday and pray continually, and fight.  Fight for God and fight for us, because we are with God.  And when we win, God wins.  Always do the best possible job.  Be impressive.

The big stuff in life is important.  Family, work, people… but what about the little stuff?  What about the stuff that makes fighting easier, more pleasurable or enjoyable?  If I were talking about fighting to build a more comfortable home, the fight would be more pleasurable if everything went according to plan.  It’s a pain when we have to run to the store six extra times because we forgot something or something broke or, perhaps, we let a tool fly out of our hands and land in a river.  Does God care if our projects become a pain?  Yes, absolutely.

When we pray over our projects, the Lord will help us.  Jesus Christ will help us.  The Holy Spirit will help us.  That doesn’t mean that everything is going to build itself.  We will still have to do the work and it will get done when we finish, but it does mean that the Lord will be the project manager.  Mistakes will happen.  Things will break.  This is earth we are on, but things won’t break to the point that they can’t be fixed.  God will watch out for us, and there will be mistakes that won’t happen because the Lord stops them from happening.  Or there will be an easy resolution to a mistake because the Lord decides to fix the problem with a miracle.

Take 2 Kings chapter six for example.  Chapter six is a story titled An Axhead Floats.  Here’s how the story unfolds: The Lord’s prophet Elisha wanted to build a more comfortable home for him and his two buddies, so they set out to build the home.  The first thing they had to do was chop down some trees so they could make walls out of the logs.  As they were chopping, an axhead slipped out of one of the men’s hands and landed in the river.  Chopping down trees without a decent ax would be tough.  Likewise, an ax in those day–the days that didn’t have gigantic manufacturing companies that spit out hundreds of axes in an hour–might have been expensive.  So what did God do to make the project go smoother?  God made the impossible happen.  He had Elisha commit an act of faith–he had him throw a stick into the water–and then God made the axhead float so they could get it and use it once again.

God will do miracles in our lives for the big things and for the small things.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like he does enough, but those are the times that we need to practice self control.  What good is it if we lose our axhead and then lose our temper and purposefully throw our circle saw into the river as well?  Let’s stay close to Jesus Christ in prayer, his word and in our own mind, body and spirit.  God will help us in every area of our lives when we stay close to him.

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