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Jesus talks about being the light of the world.  He says that whoever follows him will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life (John 8:12).  The verse is really nice.  It has all the makings of an excellent quote that can be used in artwork across the world.  The verse is short, sweet and poetic, and it gives a lot of credit to Jesus.  But what exactly does it mean?  In short, it means that whoever follows Christ will see more.  We will see how God works in our lives and in this world.  But God’s light doesn’t just light up his world, it lights up his opposition as well.  Walking in God’s light means that we will understand how people get themselves into all kinds of trouble.  In other words, all in all, we will see the difference between good and evil clearly–we won’t just know what the difference is, we will see it in living example.

When we live our lives as Jesus wants us to, we will be the light, and our light will help people see the difference between life and death just by the way we handle conflict.  We say that God is good, and that’s true.  People who aren’t with God sometimes do good, but, generally, they put themselves in bad situations more often than good situations.

People who walk in the light choose God’s way over the opposition.  We don’t lie to get our way.  We don’t steal.  We don’t use immoral sex for pleasure, and we don’t take revenge on someone who insults, ridicules or makes us angry.  And most importantly, we have faith, which creates peace and patience rather than submission to frantic or extreme behavior.  And all of that sounds tough.  No fun?  Well, doing those things is good, because those things are God’s way and God is good.  And good fruit comes from good soil.  In other words, because we do good, good things will come from it.  For the person who doesn’t choose God’s good way, they shouldn’t be surprised when bad things come.  It has been written that there is no rest for a person who does wrong, yet the Godly will prosper.

People who walk in darkness are people who do not see or do not understand what is truly good.  They don’t understand that the trouble and wrecked relationships they live in everyday are because they choose methods of conflict resolution that the Lord does not accept as his own.  They don’t understand why every turn in their lives is met with more drama, more complications or more hurt feelings.  But they got the money or they got the sex, and that to them was good.  Here’s some advice:  It’s better to be lonely and broke than to lose the Lord.  God is good and he is always there for us to go to.  If we make Jesus Christ our home, we will always have a loving place to go.

People don’t understand what is killing them, because they can’t see it.  They don’t have the light of Jesus Christ in their lives, but when someone who walks in the light comes into their lives and lights them up just by being a living example, they will finally begin to see.  They will have an example of a life that is without intense arguments, malicious personal attacks, unending complications, or, simply, unhappiness to learn from.  They will see a life of faith, and they will learn that they can’t do things on their own.  And that will be a good day.

It is possible for Christians to walk in darkness.  It happens most commonly when Christians don’t do what the Bible tells them to do.  Love our enemies… yes, good things will come from that.  We don’t have to like our enemies, but, please, let’s not become them.

Christians need to have a heart for the lost, because we have the benefit of living in the arms of the Almighty.   So we need to use the Light when someone who is lost attacks us.  We should always allow ourselves to see his or her struggle so we can chill out, trust in God’s word, trust in God’s justice, and love and forgive.  Understand more.  See further.  See farther and have faith.  We have it in us.  We know where to find peace, protection and help.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6).

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