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2 thoughts on “Stop Child Trafficking

  • prism

    Each year by some estimates, hundreds of thousands of girls and boys are trafficked globally. Child trafficking is a global issue.
    Very few people are actually aware of how large the problem is. Even if people are aware, they generally turn a blind eye towards the entire situation. For this reason, the level of awareness needs to be increased drastically.
    “Sold: An MTV EXIT Special”, a gripping documentary presented by Indian actress and UNFPA Ambassador, Lara Dutta. The Program introduces the tragedy of trafficking in South Asia where thousand of young girls and boys are sold into modern-day slavery and shows how each one of us can help to prevent modern-day slavery.
    To watch this documentary online visit cultureunplugged

  • gabe

    The yard sale raised over six hundred dollars, and that was before we got rained out half way through. Thank you to anybody and everybody who came out and joined the cause, volunteers and donators!!!