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Jesus says that we are his friends if we obey his commands (John 15:14).  That’s an odd thing to say.  If we don’t obey his commands, then we aren’t his friends.  What kind of a relationship is that?

Jesus doesn’t have us do anything that he doesn’t do.  He doesn’t have us do anything that doesn’t work either.  He says that if we obey his command, then we will remain in his love just as he obeys his Father’s command, remaining in his love (John 15:10).

When we remain in God’s love, we will bear his fruit, good fruit, the fruit of the spirit.  We will find favor with the Lord and he will reward us; he will give us whatever we ask of him in Christ’s name (John 15:16).

Moses gives us an example of how to obey God’s command.  Moses is leading the Israelites out of the desert.  They are having problems, but Moses knows what to do.  He goes to his house of prayer, a tent, and speaks to the Lord as a man speaks to his friend (Exodus 33:11).  He asks the Lord to “teach me your ways so I know you and continue to find favor with you” (Exodus 33:13).  The Lord says sure thing, my friend.

Not only did God reveal his ways to Moses, but he also revealed them to us through Jesus.  Jesus said he no longer calls us servants because “a servant doesn’t know his master’s business.”  He calls us friends because everything the Father told him, he told us (John 15:15).

What God tells us is to stick with him no matter what.  We must choose to love God through everything we go through.  Jesus says “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you” (John 15:12).

Jesus had the opportunity to die on the cross for his friends, and he took it.  He chose to love us fully knowing a brutal death would come for doing it.  “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).

Sometimes loving our own friends is a tough command to obey.  We have to keep in mind that love is a choice; a choice that forces us to kill our own egos.  Love is a choice that we put before our own desires as Christ did for us.  If we truly love our friends, we will not attack them when they insult us.  We will protect them; we will show them the light of Christ through our actions.

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