GraceLife Blog 33-I’ll Bring It Back When I Die

God expects us to glorify him with our creations.  In Genesis he tells us that he created the earth for humans to subdue, to rule over.  He says that all of the earth including the living creatures are under the authority of humankind, meaning that humans can do as they please with them.  Then, in Psalm 50:7-12 he tells us that everything on earth is still his, because he created it.  So, everything is God’s but he has given humans the authority to use it as they please.

So, basically, he’s loaned it out to us for the time being.  We get to play with everything and anything we want.  We get to create and imagine and work with his goods, and we have done marvelous things with them.  We have built massive cities that work in complex civilized systems.  We have learned how to fly super fast and how to float massive boats.  We have made world wide charities to help the poor and the sick.  We have trained Armies and forces to defend the innocent.  And all of that is good and is part of God’s will for humans.  If it wasn’t part of his will, it wouldn’t have happened.

But we have created things that do not glorify him.  We have used the stuff he’s given us to create atrocity.  We have killed and destroyed the innocent out of greed.  We have used the bizarre as an excuse to pass lust and iniquity off as original artwork.  We have become a society so self centered that we are more willing to help ourselves than we are willing to love an outcast.

It is easy to look at beautiful things, but it is an act of God to look at something ugly and want to make it beautiful.  Let’s be good stewards of God’s stuff by glorifying him every chance we get.  He gave us this earth to use, so let’s glorify him by using it as he would.  Make someone’s day today by creating in them something Godly, and that by showing them love, mercy and kindness.

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