GraceLife Blog 32-Jesus Loves Artists

The Bible is filled with art.  It is packed to the brim with God’s creations and artistic works.  In the old Testament, God gave the Israelites specific instructions on how to design his temple and his arc of the covenant.  It was his artwork that was put into the makings of Israel.  The Israelis’ jewels, paintings, writings, all of it that was pure, true and good was inspired by God.

Every Psalm in the Bible is God’s art; they are God’s poems.  Every word put on the paper of the Bible is God’s art; the writings are structured by God.  From how the sentences structure the paragraphs to how the paragraphs structure the chapters to how the chapters structure the books to how the books structure the layout of the entire Bible is all God’s artistic design.  Art and Christianity is not dead!

Psalm 101 tells Christians not to look at vile things.  Art does not have to be vile to be interesting, intriguing or unique.

In popular culture, it has been said that a certain shock factor needs to be in today’s art because people have seen it all.  Well, maybe that’s true, but does shocking have to be evilly demented, distastefully disturbed or unnecessarily grotesque to be exciting?  No, absolutely not.

God has things to put into artwork that is so original, so shocking and so profoundly touching that it will knock the socks off of people.  Look to God to make art shocking, and then wait to see something incredibly powerful.  There is so much out there.

God is a creative God.  Look at his world.  Look at how marvelously diverse and beautiful it is.  Of course he wants his children to create just as beautiful of things, but Christian artists don’t have to paint rainbows and sunshine to please God.  They don’t have to write giddy stories to please God.  What is true will please God.  What Christian artists have to do is work to glorify God, not Satan.  Encourage your young artists to continue creating in God’s will.  He loves it!

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