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God speaks to us.  Jesus said he is the good shepherd whose sheep know his voice and follow him when he calls.  Where he leads them is to a life in the full.  The sheep run from a strange voice because they don’t recognize it, and they run in good measure.  They know there is a thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:1-10).

So it is important to recognize the voice of God or we can become victims of the thief.  All of us already have been many times.  Don’t believe the thief is not powerful.  He’s been planning to steal from, kill and destroy humans since day number one.  He’s been conjuring war against God’s will for humans in the hearts of those who follow darkness, those who are deceived into believing he is the good shepherd.

To recognize God’s voice, we must first be completely open to his answers.  God won’t always help us if we aren’t willing to take his help, if we aren’t open to his answer.  God is good, and he wants us to have ‘life in the full.’  We don’t see what God sees.  We can’t protect ourselves from something we don’t know about, but God can!  Trust him and call on him everyday.

Make sure to know God’s voice.  If we can’t recognize God’s voice, how will we know it’s him?  God is gentle.  When he tells us we are wrong, we smile and say “I know Lord, I’m sorry, thank you for loving me.”  God is quiet and peaceful.  It sometimes helps to get in a quiet spot to seek his voice.  He doesn’t always come down from heaven with a thunderous shout, though sometimes he does.  If you’re not sure what you heard is from God, test the answer.  Here are three full proof ways of testing the answer to make sure it is God’s will for you:

1.  Make sure the answer does not contradict scripture.  If it does, it can’t be from God.

2.  Make sure the answer produces the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

3.  Talk to the body of Christ to make sure their counseling agrees with the answer.

Make sure to recognize God’s voice and stay close to him.  Thieves are not obvious.  They have sly tongues and walk on their tiptoes.  Their job is to rob and get away scot free so they can do it again and again.  The thief will always put lies into your head, and he will beg you not to do the right thing and he will tell you how disappointed he is in you, making you feel guilty and angry.  Friends, be open to God’s love.

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