GraceLife Blog 26-A Hero’s Story

The story of David and Goliath is popular, powerful and inspiring.  When we hear how David took down a giant with nothing more than a slingshot because it was God’s will, we want something like that to happen in our lives.  We want to be the great David, King of Israel, successful in all that we do, a mighty warrior, a poet, a musician, a man recognized by God for having a heart like God’s.  We want to live David’s story, because it is filled with honor, bravery and God’s favor.  But what about the other half of the story?

The second half takes place in celebration on the streets, and the women on the streets are singing songs of praise to their king, Saul, and to the man who killed the giant, David, who wasn’t yet the king.  In the songs they sing, they make David sound greater than Saul, singing about Saul’s ability to kill thousands of men and David’s ability to kill tens of thousands of men.  The people weren’t meaning to demean Saul intentionally.  They were just hyped up about what had happened, but Saul didn’t see it that way.  He didn’t like the fact that the song made David sound like the bigger hero, so Saul became jealous.  He became jealous and decided to keep a jealous eye on David from then on.  He developed a deep grudge against David and wanted him dead.  God didn’t like that, so the next day he sent an evil spirit to attack Saul (1 Samuel 18:6-10).

Saul became jealous because he was a king who lived to bring himself glory, and when someone else stole a bit of his thunder, it knocked hard on his ego.  God calls us to live for his glory, in one holy family, in one holy spirit, and in one holy mind in divine relationship with our brothers, sisters and him.  When we live for God’s glory, we put God first in everything we do, and we praise him when something good happens to the family of God.  We don’t take credit for ourselves.

The simple fact of David’s life is that he had a heart for God, and God put him through very painful struggles for a very long time well before he ever became famous.  David always looked to God no matter how bad he hurt or how long he hurt for, and that’s why David found favor with God.  Sometimes God will empty out our lives, and all we’ll literally have is him.  No money, no friends and no success.  It will hurt, it will seem unfair, it will seem cruel, but it is God’s way and the only way of getting us to develop a real relationship with him so we can be prepared for the amount of success that will soon follow.  Keep calling on God, and praise him no matter what.  He is with you.  You have nothing to worry about.

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