GraceLife Blog 24-The Holy Big Band

God is social by nature.  He lives in Trinity; a holy relationship of three bodies united in one: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  In the Trinity is order, and stemming from that order comes peace and perfect unity.  (1 Corinthians 14:33).  God’s nature is peaceful and good, and from our orderly God who values social relationships comes good things.

Disorder brings chaos: disorder has the capability of breeding every kind of evil that exists (James 3:16).

As humans, we know that putting more than one person on a project causes difficulties.  Not everybody gets along, and not everybody agrees.  The same thing could be true with God’s nature, but it isn’t.  God’s divine nature, the Trinity, is social and orderly at the same time because God has established rank within the relationship.  The Father is number one, and the Son submits to the Father’s will.  The Holy Spirit submits both to the Father and the Son.

Jesus submits to the Father out of trust and respect.  Jesus chooses to submit to the Father because he knows the Father is good.  It is the Father’s duty to love Jesus unconditionally, just like any authoritative figure should do.  Authority is not defined by dominance but trust; authority is not forceful by God’s nature, it is loving.

In the divine nature of God, submission is a glorious, righteous, noble, honorable, worthy thing to do.  It isn’t a sign of weakness.  Actually, submission is a sign of power.  It is a choice of love, trust and holiness.  It is an act of respect and honor toward the value of peaceful relationships.

We have the choice of whether we want to submit to God’s nature, meaning we can submit to his advice or not: we can be like him and his Trinity or we can make our own rules of authority and submission, but keep in mind that when we go against the ruler of the universe; the creator of everything, when we rub against the grain and reject God’s natural systems of harmony to make our own, it will definitely welcome anguish to fill our hearts.

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