GraceLife Blog 21: God’s Light

When we go to church, we go in the name of Jesus, expecting the spirit of Jesus to meet us at the door.  Jesus said “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 19:8).

So we can rest easy on those words, fully knowing that the Holy Spirit is with us when we gather in his name.  Many people going to church every Sunday wish to feel the presence of God; wish to not just know in faith that God is there but to feel the Holy Spirit every time they step into church.

Whether the presence of God is felt on a Sunday morning is up to God.  We don’t have to worship harder to get it.  All we have to do is earnestly be there for him and talk to him.  When God does make his presence felt in the room; when a warm tidal wave of mercy flows over us and into us and tears well up in thankfulness, we can rest assure that he will not take that heart-mending feeling away from us no matter how wicked our thoughts become within the next few minutes.

Grace is exactly that.  God pours over us as we worship him and we feel the movement throughout the congregation, and in his presence, we find ourselves open before him.  Sometimes he will reveal to us the wickedness of our hearts.  We can find our thoughts roaming into obnoxiously rude judgments and thoughts of hate and unthankfulness.  That type of thing happens because God wants us to know about the condition of our hearts.  He wants us to realize that when we should desire to give to others and love others no matter who they are, we criticize them instead.  But here is the kicker: God already knew about our hearts beforehand and he loves us in the past, present and future anyway, because God is good.  God wants to do good things for us.  He wants to hug and kiss us everyday, and he will, everyday, whether we know about it or not; whether we feel it or not.  Rest easy in the arms of Jesus.

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