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We have the choice of whether we want to live a life for Christ or not.  When we decide to live a life for Christ it is not by our own works that we are saved.  We are saved by grace.  And in everyday life, we need to make the choice to get rid of the sin in our lives or to keep it.  The work that it takes to rid the sin in your life is not going to be done by you.  Christ is the only one who can clean the spirit of a man or woman.

“For I (Paul the apostle) am the least of the apostles and do not even deserve to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God.   But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect.  No, I worked harder than all of them–yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me” (1 Corinthians 15:9-10).

Once we are saved, we become holy and blameless in the sight of the Lord (Ephesians 1:4).  Our day to day walk in the Spirit needs to be Christ led.  It is not okay to think sinning is acceptable.

But Christ is not only going to reward those who know how to walk fully in the Spirit.  He is not going to only lift you up when you can walk the perfect-person life.  Christ is there to lift you up when you fall.  Christ is there to hold us when we are hurting.  In the words of a dear friend, Jesus says to us “You blew it today.  Let me pick you up!”

It is the times that we see God the clearest and feel the deepest empathy for God when we are walking the wrong walk and Christ is there to hold us like papa. Should we sin on purpose to get that empathy?  No!

When we judge others, it is almost like saying that God isn’t good enough, because everybody who makes the choice to walk with Christ is holy and blameless in God’s sight and the Spirit is in control of those people, directing them in their everyday life so that they will meet the ultimate goal.

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6 thoughts on “GraceLife Blog 18: To Be or Not To Be

  • gabe

    and that’s the cool about Christ. When God prophesies over us, we can just let him make the prophecy happen.

  • Larry Kluth

    I am an 83 year old veteran with service from 1944 to 1971. I served in the Navy (WWII). the Army Air Corps, and the US Air Force. I have served in pay grades E-1 Thru E-8, and commissioned grades 0-1 thru 0-4. I retired as a Lt. Col. because of my reserve rank.

    We are fighting Muslim’s because of differences in religious FAITH, Both sides are praying to the same God. Both sides worshiped the same God in OUR Civil War. Rediculous!

    Faith is what keeps otherwise honest people from looking for the truth.
    With all the great advances in science and technology; I think it is a perfect time for the religiously faithful to question their faith. This certainly applies to all religious faiths; Christian, Islam, Judaism, and all who believe in a supernatural controlling God.

    With all the DNA evidence that has been repeatedly duplicated within various scientific specialties; the arguments against evolution should be questioned by people honestly looking for the truth.

    There is now so much repeatable evidence that the universe, and all matter, were created in a big bang; that here again, the religious faithful must question their faith.

    What a shame that we are still killing one another over differences in religious Dogma.

    This is one big world and we are all related. Let’s learn to live together.
    It seems to me, that as we evolved and our brains and thinking ability
    improved, we started to ask: “Where did we, and those like us, come from.”
    The images on the walls of he caves in Europe and the written record left
    by the Egyptians and other Middle East civilizations certainly ask that
    question. Over several thousand years the Egyptians revered several
    different Gods. The Greeks and the Romans worshipped several different
    Gods. Only in the last 50 years or so did we learn that the Aztecs,
    Mayans, Native Americans, and other civilizations in this hemisphere
    worshipped various Gods. It wasn’t until the Israelis discovered their
    own personal monotheistic God, that most people exposed to those ideas
    accepted that theology. Why didn’t this God influence the earlier

    Since the God of Israel told the Israeli priests that they were His chosen
    people, non Jews had to find some way to be included and the result was
    Jesus and Christianity. The Torah and the Bibles are now the two
    guidelines for the growing idea of a monotheistic God. Mohammad was from
    another ethnic group and he had his vision and the results were the Koran.
    Muslims and the Islamic religion grew at an extremely rapid pace. The
    resulting differences in these theologies came to a head when the Pope
    decided that Islam was a false religion and it had to be stopped. That
    battle is still going on. When the King and Queen of Spain decided to
    spread Christianity around the world, Christopher Columbus gave them the
    golden opportunity. The result in the Western hemisphere was the near
    elimination of the great civilizations in this part of the world. Joseph
    Smith then discovered the golden plates and The Church of Jesus Christ and
    The Latter Day Saints resulted. This loving God neglected all the
    previous theologies.

    Many, if not most, of the differences in attitudes and values among the
    people of the world, are the result of differences in religious dogma.

    Modern science has given us a rare opportunity to realize that we are all
    closely related and our differences in attitudes and values should be
    resolved peaceably through negotiations. The big disagreement regarding
    religion, life styles; homosexuality, abortion, etc., could be individual
    choices and not dictated by those who differ.

    When we accept the fact that there is no supernatural Deity, and we humans
    are going to have to rely on one another, there may be peace in this world.

    Larry J. Kluth(Lt.Col.USAF Ret)

  • gabe

    I believe that faith keeps us looking for the truth. When we can’t find something, when we just try and try and try but fail, we need to have faith that eventually we will find something. Without faith, without hope, what’s trying worth? Why should I try if I don’t have faith I will succeed?