GraceLife Blog 17: Forever and Forever 3

Either the cosmos were created out of nothing or God was created out of nothing.  The easier of the two to wrap our minds around is that the earth was created out of nothing: the Big Bang theory.  We understand matter.  We understand particles.  It makes sense because it is something we can see.  We can experience digging a piece of history out of the ground.

But is God something that we can hold in our fingertips?  Can our minds understand something that is eternal?  Could you imagine walking a straight line that never ends?  What if Jesus told you what eternal life is?  Well, he did.  “Now this is eternal life: that they (humans) may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.  I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.  And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began” (John 17:3).

When we know God, we know eternity.  Because the Son of God, Jesus Christ, died on the cross as a sacrifice for the sin of all humans, we have the opportunity to know eternal life by building an intimate relationship with the eternal God of all (John 3:16).  We have the key to eternal thinking on this earth! And that key is named Jesus.

It is difficult to wrap our brains around something as complex as how eternity works or how God exists, but the intimate relationship you build with the living God will see you through until the end.  You can experience God everyday of your life on this earth, and when God loves you, life gets easier.

The difficult part is that we simply can’t comprehend eternity; we can’t understand it.  It’s too big for our brains to handle, but that’s where faith comes from.  That’s where knowing eternity through God helps us.  Just like when God reveals to us a deeper meaning in his Word, in faith, we can believe that our every next step in life is an answer to something we didn’t know about.

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3 thoughts on “GraceLife Blog 17: Forever and Forever

  • Jacob Cowen

    Excellent point. And this is one of the reason why intellectuals have a difficult time believing in an eternal Diety. God is not bound by measures or insulators created by man. Since God has no beginning and no end, He can’t be measured by a set of controls established. Since He is eternal, we can’t wrap our brains around Him and His Exsistance, because He is too big for our Pea-brains. And if science can’t measure it, then it obviously can’t exsist. But what some people fail to understand is just because something can’t be proven, doesn’t mean it does NOT exsist, it just means it hasn’t been discovered or disproved yet. A lack of scientific evidence does not mean something doesn’t exsist.

  • gabe

    and that’s the cool thing about science. We can go into a microscope or telescope and take a closer look.

  • thinkb4utype

    No, I think there are two very important reasons for doubt in an intellectual’s mind.
    1. The burden of proof is on those who make claims concerning the existence of a supernatural being
    No proof = no being, it doesn’t matter how you try to church it up.
    2. All the phenomena that we once needed a god to explain can now be explained through more naturalistic REAL LIFE approaches.

    No, I think we’ve used Christianity and religion to justify so many evil despicable atrocities throughout history, that to admit that it’s not real would mean to actually admit fault for our own actions. Here is a small list that i developed concerning said atrocities. And keep in mind that every day, people still kill other people in the name of God, or Allah, or whatever else you choose to call it.

    Spanish Inquisition
    Spanish Conquistadores
    Manifest Destiny
    Salem Witch Hunts
    World War II (Hitler was a Christian, he used the German churches’ power to control the German population, his religious references are evident in all his writings and teachings, namely Mein Kampf)

    These are just a few that popped into my head. Now imagine if people committed all these horrible acts in the name of Santa Claus, you would probably call them crazy, wouldn’t you?